Dr.Ramesh N.R

B.Com, L.L.B, M.C.L, D.C.Technology, Ph.D.

Ramesh N. R. is a highly accomplished individual with a passion for social service and good governance. With his extensive educational background and political experience, he has achieved numerous accolades and made significant contributions to his community.

As the youngest member to receive the prestigious “Karnataka Chethana” award and one of the recipients of the highly profiled “Bharatha Jyothi” National Award, Dr. Ramesh N.R has been recognized for his outstanding work in the field of social service. He was also felicitated with a Ph.D. for his research on the “Versatility of Social Service” from the University of Florida in 2016.

Ramesh’s political career began when he was elected as a Student Union President in P.E.S. College, one of the most reputed education institutions in Bangalore. He went on to serve as the Vice President of Karnataka State BJP Yuva Morcha for two terms and as a Secretary of Bangalore City BJP Unit for two terms. He was also elected as a Councilor of Yediyur Ward 167 in BBMP Election 2010 and served as the “Ruling Party Leader” of BBMP in 2014-2015.

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Vision & Mission


A solution to the growing problems of garbage in Bengaluru Instead of dumping it in landfills, which result in short-term air pollution and long-term soil pollution, the city’s wet and dry waste can be scientifically converted to Waste to Wealth.
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To promote Transparency, eliminate corruption public grievances cell will be established to stop and fight against corrupt practices. Ensuring participation of officials of various departments periodically to address public grievances.
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Health and wellness

Ensuring that the healthcare system reaches out to everyone and is people-friendly Increasing the efficiency of existing health infrastructure and ensuring its proper utilisation.

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Major Developments

Bio ‐ Methanization Plant

Out of the wet & dry waste collected daily in the households of Yediyuru Ward, about 4.5 tonnes of wet waste is processed in the 5 tonne capacity Bio-Methanization Plant located near the South End Circle, in which every day 250 kW of electricity is being generated.
After converting wet waste into methane gas, electricity is being generated from this gas. This is an effort to find a solution to the growing problems of garbage in Bengaluru
250kW the electricity power generated in the plant will be used for lights installed in Read More

Sardar Vallabhbhai Academy

Students from economically backward families also get excellent training in UPSC and KPSC competitive examinations and civil service courses free of cost and with the best intention of making them IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS or KAS officers at “Sardar Vallabhbhai Academy” which has world class best quality classes in the world. Training Lectures held in the classrooms of any universities can be watched directly from here. The country’s largest digital library/e-library containing more than 6.5 lakh books has been setup. A “library” containing books worth more than 15 lakh rupees has been setup. “RV Educational Institution” which is reputed to be the best educational institution in the state, provides training to the students for UPSC and KPSC competitive exam classes. Read More

Sushruta Children's Hospital

As we do not have sufficient number of government “Emergency Care Units” for children suffering from various diseases and accidents except Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Bengaluru city and in that situation where ICU treatment in private hospitals costs more than Rs 100000.00. Lower Middle and people from poor families cannot afford it. So “Sushruta Children’s Hospital” with 20 ICUs, 40 beds, 03 Operation Theatres, well equipped laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound facilities with the intention of providing ICU treatment facilities at very low cost has been built by the BBMP at Sakamma Garden area of Yediyuru Ward, Read More

Prakruthi Vana

As the number of literates increases, As technologies advance, As scientific ideas are invented more in the name of “Development” the atrocities on “Nature” by the human were happening continuously…….

Eradication of hills for mining, destruction of forest resources by cutting of trees and destruction of water resources because of such countless acts of “natural destruction” are being carried out by man in the name of “civilization development” and urbanization, against the Nature. Continues to carry out “counter attacks by the nature” is being proved time and again, day by day the “global temperature” continues to rise. Due to “natural atrocities” beyond human control, in which every day in many of parts of the world are witnessing Natural disasters such as excessive rainfall, earthquake, landslide, droughts, famines and floods continue to occur,Read More

Historic Yediyur Lake

With a history of more than 1,400 years, the “Historical Yediyur Lake” is well developed and has the reputation of being the oldest lake in Bangalore city. It is described about Yadiyur and surrounding villages which were under the rule of Hoysalas. Sh. Even the inscription of 1017 has been duly engraved in stone. Under the project named “Banadi Sabhari Ba Goodige” “Yadiyuru Lake has been converted into the best ‘bird sanctuary’ of Bangalore metropolis. A beautiful park has also been built in “Yadiyuru Lake” which is a place for about 129 species of birds and where domestic and foreign birds come for breeding.Read More

Ranadheera Kanteerava Park

An attempt has been made to tell the complete history of the 06 major royal dynasties who ruled the Karnataka state in ‘Ranadheera Kanteerava Park’ designed with a distinct idea of imparting the history of Karnataka state to the children and youth of the next generation. “Mayura Varma” of Kadamba Dynasty, Immadi Pulikeshi of “Chalukya” Dynasty, “Amoghavarsha Nripatunga of Rashtrakuta Dynasty, “Vishnuvardhana of Hoysala Dynasty”, 07 feet high statues of “Sri Krishna Devaraya” of “Vijayanagar Empire” and “Ranadheera  Kanteerava Narasimharaja” of Mysore Dynasty.Read More

Navathare Badminton Academy

A best class indoor badminton stadium named “Navathare Badminton Academy” has been constructed near South End circle with a plan to develop middle class youths – young women living in and around Yediyuru ward into excellent athletes. Such an indoor badminton stadium with synthetic flooring is the first in its history to be built by the BBMP.
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Various Scams Exposed by Ramesh N.R

Krushi Bhagya Scam

Looting more than 1,608 crores in the name “Construction of 2,15,130 Farmers Ponds” in the period of 2014-15 to 2017-18 under “Krushi Bhagya Scheme”.
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Indira Canteen Scam

* Misusing of 65 Crores in the name of Indira Canteens in BBMP Limits Complaint Lodged at Lokayuktha against C.M. Siddaramaiah, B’lore Development Minister K. J. George & others Complaint Registered in ACB against Criminal Case filed in 4th ACMM Court
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Robert Vadra & 17 Office Bearers of DLF SCAM

Son–in-law of Smt. Sonia Gandhi
More Than 33.37 acres of Govt. Land (worth Rs. 850 Crores)in Begur Village, BG Road, Bangalore. - Grabbed by M/s. DLF Company, in Which Robert Vadra has 30% Share. Project Name : DLF Westend Heights (1,980 Units – 18 towers with 19 Floors & 2345 Cars Parking Area)
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