Bio ‐ Methanization Plant

Bengaluru’s first ward to get waste-to-energy plant

Out of the wet & dry waste collected daily in the households of Yediyuru Ward, about 4.5 tonnes of wet waste is processed in the 5 tonne capacity Bio-Methanization Plant located near the South End Circle, in which every day 250 kW of electricity is being generated. After converting wet waste into methane gas, electricity is being generated from this gas This is an effort to find a solution to the growing problems of garbage in Bengaluru

250kW electricity power generated in the plant will be used for lights installed in

1)“Ambara Chumbana Clock Tower”,
2) “Navathare Badminton Academy”,
3) “Ranadheera Kanteerava Park”,
4) “Chaitanya Park”,
5) “Chandavalliya Thota Childern Play Park”,
6) “Dhanvantari Vana”,
7) “Sanjeevini Vana”
8) pump sets installed for 06 borewells in this section and
9) decorative lights installed on the 3km long model footpath.

Yediyur Ward has earned the reputation of being the first ward not only in Bengaluru city but also in the state of Karnataka to generate electricity from waste.


Further Solar Power Plant – For the first time in the history of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Corporation, a “solar power plant” has been constructed to light the lights of the parks. In Jayanagar 3rd block, two parks, “Sanjeevina Vana” and “Dhanvantari Vana” which contain herbal plants built by the Corporation, a 20 kW capacity “solar power plant” has been built adjacent to the “Vayu Vihari route” between these two parks and the lights on the “Vayu Vihari route” are being lit by this “solar power plant”. Through this, the corporation is saving 1.17 lakh rupees which was paid to BESCOM every month
All 11 parks and 17 buildings of the BBMP under Yediyur ward are taking a bold step towards becoming the “only ward in South India” to use electricity generated by natural means, completely ‘free from BESCOM’s power supply’

The amount paid to BESCOM every month towards to power supply of all 14 parks will be saved around 17 lakh rupees. Also, as the 4.5 tonnes of wet waste generated daily in Yediyur ward is managed in this biogas plant, the amount of Rs 2.5 lakhs spent every month to transport the said waste to Kannalli waste treatment plant will also be saved. To sum up, Yediyuru Ward has initiated an important and eco-friendly project to generate electricity naturally, which will save the BBMP Rs.17 lakhs every month due to our own electricity

Earthworm Unit

Earthworms play a very important role in soil water absorption, rooting of saplings and plants deep in the soil and production of urea required by plants. That is why the earthworm is called the farmer's friend. "Earthworm Unit" has been constructed by the Corporation in view of the need to supply earthworms in 774 parks under BBMP to increase soil fertility. With the establishment of this Earthworm Unit”, the Greater Bangalore Municipal Corporation has taken another important step. This Earthworm Unit” has been constructed at Laxman Rao Bulewad 'D' Park on 4th Main Road, Jayanagar 6th Block, Yediyur Ward. Farmers need earthworms more than anyone else, every K. G. Earthworms for just Rs 400 and per kg. A plan to sell earthworm fertilizer at just Rs.02 has also been taken up, and farmers around Bangalore will be greatly benefited by this “earthworm unit”. Earthworm compost is prepared in this Earthworm Unit” by storing together the dry leaves that fall naturally from thousands of trees on roadsides and 17 parks in Yediyur ward. The unit is also intended to supply earthworms to 774 parks of the corporation and many parks under the horticulture department of the state government including Lalbagh, Cubbon Park.

Prakruthi Vana

As the number of literates increases, As technologies advance, As scientific ideas are invented more in the name of “Development” the atrocities on “Nature” by the human were happening continuously....... Eradication of hills for mining, destruction of forest resources by cutting of trees and destruction of water resources because of such countless acts of "natural destruction" are being carried out by man in the name of "civilization development" and urbanization, against the Nature. Continues to carry out “counter attacks by the nature” is being proved time and again, day by day the “global temperature” continues to rise. Due to “natural atrocities” beyond human control, in which every day in many of parts of the world are witnessing Natural disasters such as excessive rainfall, earthquake, landslide, droughts, famines and floods continue to occur, killing millions of people. - No matter how advanced science-technology is, it is being proved again and again that "man" has to lose against "nature"!!! but still man continues to destroy nature...

In this context - it is imperative and heavy responsibility of all of us to create a natural environment where the next generations can live and live safely by preserving the extinct natural wealth !!! Also we all have to realize that "Nature is the real God" !!! So, " With the concept to Protect Nature this “Prakruthi Vana” has been built near Southend Circle in Yediyuru Ward. In this “Prakruthi Vana” where a statue of “Prakruthi Deva” about 43 feet high has been erected, “Artwork of Vanadevi crying with her child” and “Artwork of natural treasures at the source of the river”. Different attempts have been made to show through art pictures the actions that humans have to take to conserve natural wealth and the actions that harm nature. In this "Prakruthi Vana" which has a wonderful idol of "Prakruthi Deva" with a flowing stream from the head, precious herbs brought from Himalayas, Dandeli and Dattaranya forests of Agumbe, rare plants that catch the eye with colorful herbs, a beautiful park has been created in the pattern of a dense forest in an area of about 1.5 acres. . Apart from building such an amazing concept garden for the first time in the country, an eye-catching lighting system has also been designed, which is lit by 250 kv of electricity generated from daily waste at the “Yedyur Biogas Plant”

Sushruta Children's Hospital

"Emergency Care Units" for children suffering from various diseases and accidents

As we do not have sufficient number of government "Emergency Care Units" for children suffering from various diseases and accidents except Indira Gandhi Children's Hospital in Bengaluru city and in the situation where ICU treatment in private hospitals costs more than Rs 100000.00.

Lower Middle and people from poor families cannot afford it. So "Sushruta Children's Hospital" with 20 ICUs, 40 beds, 03 Operation Theatres, well equipped laboratory, X-ray, Ultrasound facilities with the intention of providing ICU treatment facilities at very low cost has been built by the BBMP at Sakamma Garden area of Yediyuru Ward, built with public tax money. This wonderful concept of "Sushruta Children's Hospital" was inaugurated by the public without any public representatives, which will be a milestone in the history of BBMP. Under the leadership of a senior retired ITS officer and Advisor to the Prime Minister's Telecom Department, Mr. NS Ramachandra, the Yediyuru Ward Citizens' Forum with the cooperation of 18 Residents Welfare Associations in Yediyuru Ward has inaugurated the said hospital.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Academy

Students from economically backward families also get excellent training in UPSC and KPSC competitive examinations and civil service courses free of cost and with the best intention of becoming IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS or KAS officers at “Sardar Vallabhbhai Academy” which has world class best quality classes in the world. Training Lectures held in the classrooms of any universities can be watched directly from here. The country's largest digital library/e-library containing more than 6.5 lakh books has been setup. A "library" containing books worth more than 15 lakh rupees has been setup. "RV Educational Institution" which is reputed to be the best educational institution in the state, provides training to the students for UPSC and KPSC competitive exam classes.

Historic Yediyur Lake

With a history of more than 1,400 years, the “Historical Yediyur Lake” is well developed and has the reputation of being the oldest lake in Bangalore city. It is described about Yadiyur and surrounding villages which were under the rule of Hoysalas. Sh. Even the inscription of 1017 has been duly engraved in stone. Under the project named “Banadi Sabhari Ba Goodige” “Yadiyuru Lake has been converted into the best 'bird sanctuary' of Bangalore metropolis. A beautiful park has also been built in "Yadiyuru Lake" which is a place for about 129 species of birds and where domestic and foreign birds come for breeding. To attract rare birds from different countries of the world to "Yadiyuru Lake, first time in the world "Bio Diversity Birds Wall" "Bio Diversity Birds Tower"has been constructed. Vayu viharis are allowed to enjoy classical music and old film songs called 'Arunaraga' and 'Sandhyaraga' in the early morning and dusk. Among the 08 Ganesha idol immersion ponds in Bangalore city, "Yediyuru Kere", the most important immersion pond, allows more than 1,50,000 Ganesha idols to be immersed every year. Two colored water fountains, one with a height of 100 feet and one with a height of 45 feet, are installed every night. Colored water fountains are allowed to be viewed from 07-00 to 08-00 hrs. With the good intention of air travelers to maintain their physical health, an "Open Exercise School" with best quality exercise equipment has been constructed.

Also, a "Children's Play Park" with world-class playground equipment has been constructed for the children to play. Pride of Mother India "A 19 feet tall bronze statue of Swami Vivekananda is installed on a 12 feet high pedestal, the biographies of Swami Vivekananda are engraved around the pedestal. Statues of seven great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for India's freedom (Mangal Pandey, Tantya Tope, Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad, Sukhdev , Rajguru and Veera Sindoora Lakshmana) are established for the understanding of the next generation. For the convenience of "Yadiyuru Lake" flyovers, a boardwalk has been constructed with international quality tiles, and a "pedal boating" system has also been designed to view the "Yadiyuru Lake". A Vaidika kendra is being constructed on a vacant site on the southern side of Yediyuru Lake, to enable the people of the southern part of Bangalore city to perform vaidika rituals related to their departed souls. About 1.25 km in the historic “Yadiyur Lake Park”. The long promenade is built with high quality tiles and is the only place in Bangalore where you can enjoy the purest environment, green vansiri, chirping of birds, ear-splitting music - reminiscing the historical information

Swami Vivekananda School

A very beautiful, well-equipped 'Swami Vivekananda School ' with a strong determination to build a high technology and best quality school building for the students from middle, lower middle and poor families living in Thyagarajanagar, KS Colony, Ramakrishna Block, Bhairappa Block, Chengaiya Block and surrounding layouts the building of Vivekananda School has been constructed. The school building has been constructed with technology that can withstand any natural calamities and earthquakes

Dr. Rajkumar Theater

“Dr. Rajkumar Theatre” is renovated with International Standards is constructed to conduct the activities. Consisting of 03 floors in “Dr.Rajkumar Rangmandir" , 02nd floor is used for"International Standard Gymnasium" (Gym) for wellness and fitness training of youth, "Yoga Kendra" on the 01st floor to maintain the physical health of senior citizens, men,women and youth and on the ground floor used drama, dance, music and cultural.

Yediyuru Ward Mahila Mandali

For the use of women and children of Yediyuru Ward, Shastri Nagar - Tatasilk Farm, this 02 storeyed building has various cultural and social activities including free yoga training, music training, dance training classes for women and children from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm on the ground flooris performed. Similarly Special classes have been arranged for the convenience of the poor SSLC students of Yediyur Wardand dance training classes are being offered at free of cost in the first floor building.

Organic FertilizerUnit

Around 250 kW of electricity is already being produced per day in the “Yediyuru Biogas Unit” from the 05 tonnes of wet waste produced daily in Yediyuru Ward, our Yediyuru Ward has got the reputation of being the only ward in the country which has successfully implemented the waste to energy project four years ago. An “Organic Fertilizer Unit” has been constructed to produce 12 lakh liters of organic manure/biomass per month from an average of 5,000 liters of waste solution (slurry) collected daily in this biogas plant. The Corporation spends an average of Rs 71 lakh per month on purchase of chemical fertilizers to the tune of Rs 8.5 crore per annum for the maintenance of trees in its 774 parks.

In order to supply organic manure to all these 774 parks, one organic fertilizer unit has been constructed, which will save the corporation 08 crores every year. As this is the world's highest quality organic fertilizer, it not only increases the fertility of the land but also doubles the crop yield. Also, the saplings are disease free. 12 lakh liters of organic manure produced every month will be sold to the farmers at just one rupee per liter and the corporation will get 1.44 crore rupees as income every year. If this model is successfully established in all 198 wards of the corporation, the corporation will get an income of more than 250 crores every year. The Chief Minister on the spot ordered the Corporation Commissioner to take immediate action in this regard.

"Ambara Chumbana” Clock Tower

The “Ambara Chumbana” Clock Tower built next to the South End Circle is one of the most attractive Kirti Sthambas of Bangalore metropolis. The 'Ambara Chumban' clock tower is 61 feet tall and has three legs, which is the tallest clock tower in Bangalore city. This beautiful clock tower with three huge clock of 8 feet height each is built of green colored granite stones. These huge clocks, which contain Kannada, Roman and Arabic numerals, emit light of seven different colors on each day, indicating the seven days of the week separately. From 06-00 AM to 10.00 PM, about 04 km every hour. A 'Sankha Nada' that can be heard over a wide area emanates from this clock tower

Ranadheera Kanteerava Park

An attempt has been made to tell the complete history of the 06 major royal dynasties who ruled the Karnataka state in 'Ranadheera Kanteerava Park' designed with a distinct idea of imparting the history of Karnataka state to the children and youth of the next generation. "Mayura Varma" of Kadamba Dynasty, Immadi Pulikeshi of "Chalukya" Dynasty, "Amoghavarsha Nripatunga of Rashtrakuta Dynasty, "Vishnuvardhana of Hoysala Dynasty", 07 feet high statues of "Sri Krishna Devaraya" of "Vijayanagar Empire" and "Ranadheera Kanteerava Narasimharaja" of Mysore Dynasty. A 12 feet tall bronze statue of Wodeyar and a 7 feet tall statue of 'Gandugali Kumar Rama' of Kammatadurga, who is known as the legendary hero and self-sacrificing prince of Kannada, have been enshrined in this park. Below the statues of the respective dynasties are engraved the complete details of the reigns of the respective dynasties and the details about the great poets of their reigns. 19 color pink flower garden, Western style gardens, beautiful water pond and colored water fountains, The 'Ranadheera Kanteerava Park' has been constructed in a unique way, unlike any other part of the state, including best quality exercise equipment for the benefit of the youths, adults and Women different – unique styles of children's play equipment, seats designed in the shape of fruits, state-of-the-art footpaths and a welcome arch built in the emblematic style of the Hoysala dynasty.

Sanjeevini Vana

Bengaluru is the most air polluted city in the Sanjeevini Vana. Due to heavy traffic, Bengaluru metropolis is considered to be the most air polluted city. Due to these reasons, the highest number of asthma sufferers in the country has increased in Bangalore city. Surveys have revealed that 23% of people in Bengaluru metropolis are suffering from asthma. 130 species of herbal saplings which can cure diseases like asthma, respiratory problems and lung infection were brought from “Dhanvanthari Van” near river Aghanashini in Kumta Taluk of Uttara Kannada district and 04 saplings of each of these 130 species – i.e. 520 herbal saplings were planted in “Sanjeevini Van”. In order to free this "Sanjeevini Vana" from the Carbon Dioxide generated due to the vehicles plying on the roads around the park, more than 100 neem plants have been planted around the protective fence installed in the said park. This "Sanjeevini Van" has earned the reputation of being the first park of the Bangalore metropolis to be built entirely of vegetation.

Dhanvantari Vana

Surveys have confirmed that 17 % of the citizens of Bangalore are suffering from skin related diseases. It is obvious that such problems are created due to excessive environmental pollution. With the good intention of freeing the people of Yediyur ward and surrounding areas from dozens of skin related diseases, the "Dhanvantari Vana" containing more than 700 herbal plants of 103 species has been constructed between the 4th and 5th main roads of Jayanagar 3rd Block. The "Dhanvantari Vana" which is reputed to be the second herbal garden in Bangalore city which has the best lights.

Rain water sump pits

At least 400 L in drains in 17 parks and 197 roads under Yediyuru ward. Maximum 12,000 L. A total of 3,781 rainwater wells of capacity have been constructed. In these ingot pits, about 8,68,000 liters per rainfall, Rain water accumulates. Through this, Yediyuru ward has become famous as the ward with the highest number of rainwater ingot pits in the state of Karnataka. While the average depth of water table in Bengaluru city is 957 feet, the average water table in Yediyur ward is only 230 feet.

Model Footpaths

All the major roads of Yediyur Ward have been constructed with beautiful, excellent quality footpaths. These pavements are designed to be all-weather and non-slip. Also, model footpaths have been constructed in Anebande Road of Jayanagar 3rd Block, 4th Main Road of Jayanagar 6th Block, Kariappa Road and in front of Yediyur Lake. This style of model footpaths with rain water harvesting pits, drains, pedestrian walkways and plant gardens in between are not found anywhere else in the Bangalore metropolis.

Yediyur Commercial Complex:

The Yediyur vegetable market building, which was built about 45 years ago, reached a state of dilapidation and was on the verge of collapse. For the convenience of the citizens of Yediyuru Ward and the surrounding areas, with the ambition to construct an excellent market building, A fully equipped and very beautiful “Yadiyur Commercial Complex” building has been constructed. - “Yediyuru Commercial Complex” has the reputation of being the only market building constructed by the Corporation during the period of 15 years from 2001 – 2015. The four-storied “Yadiyuru Commercial Complex” has fruit and vegetable shops on the ground floor, corporation offices on the first floor, “Vajradehi Fitness Centre” on the second floor and yoga and aerobics training centres on the third floor. “Yediyuru Commercial Complex” is built to be no less than any other private commercial complex .

Navathare Badminton Academy

A best class indoor badminton stadium named “Navathare Badminton Academy” has been constructed near South End circle with a plan to develop middle class youths - young women living in and around Yediyuru ward into excellent athletes. Such an indoor badminton stadium with synthetic flooring is the first in its history to be built by the BBMP. “Navathare Badminton Academy” is imparting excellent training to the players by the national and state level skilled sports coaches.

Dhruvathare Table Tennis Academy

International standard Dhruvathare Table Tennis Academy is built on 03rd floor of Yediyur Commercial Complex. National level and state level table tennis athletes are trained in this academy. This academy has been established with the good intention of developing talented boys and girls into state, national and international athletes.
Students of this Dhruvathare Table Tennis Academy Have Won 2 time’s world championship.

Yediyuru Vaidika kendra

A Vaidika kendra has been constructed in Jayanagar 6th Block adjacent to the historic Yediyuru Lake to conduct Vaidika ceremonies, Uttaradi ceremonies, Vaikuntha Samaradhana, Kailasa Samaradhana, Punyatithi and Pinda Pradana, as per the long-time demand of the people of Bangalore South. - By paying a fee of just 100 rupees, the public can avail this “ Vaidika kendra”. Three rooms, Kalyani, Homa kunda, hot water system, separate toilet system for men and women are provided here.

Health Centres

Free Dialysis Centre for kidney failure, A well-equipped two storied 'hospital building' has been constructed at Sakamma Garden Area to facilitate the patients of the lower middle and poor families. The first free kidney dialysis centre of Bangalore metropolis has been started in ground floor of the building.
Primary Health Centre
Primary Health Centre and also free blood test, urine anlysis and ECG Examination centre are available on the first floor of the same building. This primary health centre was started with the ambition to provide the best medical facilities at free of cost to the poor, lower middle and middle class people.

Chandavalliya Thota Children's Play Park

Nicknamed the “Poor Man's Wonderlaw”, the 'Chandavalliya thota children's play park is beautifully-built and well-equipped children's play park with world-class play equipment imported from Korea, where children come from different parts of Bangalore to play. Built in Jayanagar 6th Block. To facilitate the children to play in the sand, an octagonal granite building has been constructed in an area of about 900 square meters and sea sand has been placed. In this garden of Chandavalliya thota, 14 different types of large size slides and innovative swings have been installed. Also, life size rock sculptures of different animals have also been built in this park. A lighting system has also been planned in this park from 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm every day.

G. P. Rajaratnam Children's Play Park

Known as the father of children's literature, famous Kannada literature In memory of G. P.Rajaratnam, A park has been built in Shastrinagar Tata Silk farm Block with excellent quality of various types of children's play equipment.

Ambedkar Park

Jayanagar 6th Block This park is built in an excellent manner in the centre of the colony. It is very beautiful to see the beauty of the electric light poles installed in this park where thousands of birds gather every day.

Patalamma Children's Play Park

This children's play park has been constructed in a very beautiful manner to fulfill the long-standing demand of the citizens of Jayanagar 3rd Block.

Vajradehi Fitness Centre

As the saying goes, "Vajradehi Fitness Centre" is reputed to be the largest Fitness Centre in Bangalore city, with the determination to enable all the citizens of Yediyuru Ward, irrespective of age, to maintain their physical health and increase their physical fitness is constructed on the second floor of 'Yediyur Commercial Complex'. This fully air-conditioned exercise school is equipped with world-class exercise equipment unlike any other exercise school / fitness centre in the city. In this “Vajradehi Fitness Centre” where more than 1,600 people are trained every day, international and national level champions are working as trainers. Separate training classes for young women and girls are organized by female trainers.

Dr. Rajkumar Gymnasium

Hundreds of Young men and women attend this gym every day, equipped with the best exercise equipment for training here which has been constructed at Ground Floor of Dr. Rajkumar Theatre which is adjacent to Shastrinagar and Thyagaraja nagar block.

Mahakaya Gymnasium (Hydraulic Gym)

"Mahakaya Gymnasium" has been constructed between "Sanjeevini Vana" and "Dhanvantari Vana" between 4th main road and 5th main road of Jayanagar 3rd Block under "Yadiyuru Ward". "Hydraulic Gym Equipments" have been used here for the first time in any government parks or parks owned by local bodies in the country. Everyone from the age group of 15 to 90 years of age can easily do physical exercise in this hydraulic exercise equipment d)Library- This two-storied public library' building has been constructed on Shastrinagar Thyagaraja nagar layouts Sir M Visvesvaraya Road .


This two-storied public library' building has been constructed on Shastrinagar Thyagaraja nagar layouts Sir M Visvesvaraya Road . ​


  1. Replacement of drinking water pipes and drainage pipes – Jayanagar 3rd Block, Jayanagar 6th Block, Upparahalli, Gupta Layout, Vijayarangam Layout, Sakamma Garden, Basavanagudi Block, Tata Silk Farm Block, Obalappa Garden, Yediyuru Block in Yediyuru Ward, Shastrinagar, Chengaiah Lay Out, K. S. Colony, Ramakrishna Block, Thyagarajanagar Bhairappa Block, Jayanagar 6th Block A.K. There are total 17 Blocks including colony’s, layout’s and all these Blocks also have drinking water pipes and drainage pipes which are about 40 to 62 years old. The drinking water pipes and drainage pipes of all these Blocks have been replaced in the last five years
  2. Borewells – In order to solve the problem of drinking water which has become major problem in Bengaluru city in recent times, around 34 borewells have already been drilled in all the Blocks of Yediyur ward and through that the problem of drinking water has been solved as much as possible.
  3. House to house borewell water supply. Bengaluru water Board is not able to supply enough drinking water to every house in the city due to the fact that Cauvery water supply is pending for all the areas of Bengaluru metropolis which is growing in an area of 840 square kilometers. Hence, with an ambition to solve the problem of drinking water permanently – 34 borewells drilled in Yediyuru ward are being supplied by piped water to every house on a daily basis. Yeddyur Ward is the only ward of Bangalore metropolis where this project named “Project – 03” has been implemented.
  4. Development of Roads – Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee said that for the comprehensive development of a region, the roads within the respective regions should be of the highest quality. As promised by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 197 roads of all 17 Blocks under Yediyur ward have been developed optimally. These roads were asphalted tens of years ago for motorists and pedestrians. They all know that it was unfit to walk. However, during the five years period of 2010 – 2015, all these roads have been converted into beautiful, paved roads and asphalting with the best technology. Concrete placement works have been completed.
  5. Footpaths– All the major roads of Yediyur Ward have been constructed with beautiful, excellent quality footpaths. These pavements are designed to be all-weather and non-slip. Also, model footpaths have been constructed in Anebande Road of Jayanagar 3rd Block, 4th Main Road of Jayanagar 6th Block, Kariappa Road and in front of Yediyur Lake. This style of model footpaths with rain water harvesting pits, drains, pedestrian walkways and plant gardens in between are not found anywhere else in the Bangalore metropolis.
  6. E-Toilets– 04 E-Toilets have been constructed at 02 places in the ward for the convenience of public. Also, public toilets have been constructed at 06 places in the ward.
  7. Pure Drinking Water Plant (RO Plants)- Near South End Circle and Thyagaraja nagar near Dr. Rajkumar theatre, 02 pure drinking water plants have been started. 25 liters of pure drinking water is being provided in these units for just 05 rupees.
  8. Anganwadi : This two storied building is newly constructed on Shastrinagar Thyagaraja nagar layouts Sir M Visvesvaraya Road.
  9. Anganwadi Centre: This 02 storied building has been constructed for the education of children from poor families in the Thyagarajanagar K.S colony.
  10. Computer Training Centre-This building has been constructed to provide free computer training to the boys and girls of Yediyuru Ward in Jayanagar 6th Block.
  11. Sri Rama Bhajana Mandir– For the benefit of senior citizens, male and female students, A ‘Sri Rama Bhajana Mandir’ building has been constructed at 24th Avenue of Jayanagar 6th Block to encourage ‘free reading room’ and smooth music and cultural events.

Social Services

  1.  More than 8,500 citizens of Yediyur Ward have been provided with widow pension, disabled pension and senior citizen pension.
  2. Senior Citizen Cards have been provided to more than 4,000 senior citizens.
  3. Free drinking water supply vehicle facility is being provided to our citizens in order to solve the problem of drinking water.
  4.  Free Ophthalmology Camp is being organized in front of ‘Ashwini Optical’, Basavanagudi Model House Road (Near Soundies Hotel) on the last Sunday of every month to benefit the citizens of Yediyuru Ward. During the period 2010-2023, more than 6,000 people have been provided with free eye surgery and more than 8,000 people have been given free spectacles.
  5.  Cars and goods vehicles have been provided by the Corporation to about 400 youths in the last five years to make the unemployed youths of the ward self-reliant.
  6. As regards the work done by the poor youth for their livelihood, free of charge Carpenter kits, Electrician kits, Iron Boxes and push carts for vegetable and fruit trade were provided to hundreds of them.
  7. Bicycles distributed at free of cost to poor youths for door to door delivery of milk and newspapers.
  8. More than 500 unemployed youths have been provided free driving licenses for three wheelers and four wheelers.
  9. School fees are being paid to more than 400 poor students of Yediyur ward every year.
  10. Sports competitions and cultural activities are being organized for the senior citizens, women and children of the ward under the auspices of ‘Yedyur Ward Mahila Mandali’ every two months.
  11. More than 8000 citizens of Yediyur ward have been provided with e-Shram Insurance Facility 
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