BENGALURU is a home to people from all parts of the country and the mirror to the outside world.

Any Representative’s Vision to Make Bengaluru the Best City in the world, which throws up a huge challenge,  with countless accumulated problems as a result of lack of foresight and planning

Mission to create various opportunities for the people of my constituency so that they can work for their livelihood and prosperity


  • A solution to the growing problems of garbage in Bengaluru Instead of dumping it in landfills, which result in short-term air pollution and long-term soil pollution, the city’s wet and dry waste can be scientifically converted to Waste to Wealth. 
  • Ensuring the conservation, sustainable use and propagation of medicinal plants.
  •  Complete ban on plastic carry bags to be enforced, encouraging bio-degradable carry bags, which can be recycled.


  • To promote Transparency, eliminate corruption public grievances cell will be established to stop and fight against corrupt practices.
  • Digitisation of public utility services to ensure transparency in government works and eliminate manual intervention.
  • Ensuring participation of officials of various departments periodically to address public grievances.

Health and wellness

  • Ensuring that the healthcare system reaches out to everyone and is people-friendly.
  • Increasing the efficiency of existing health infrastructure and ensuring its proper utilisation.
  • Setting up of affordable and professional healthcare for the poor.
  • Eliminating poverty and ensuring socio-economic development is integral to attainment of ‘health for all’.
  • Establishment of International standard well-equipped fitness & technology based wellness centres


  • Converting all government schools to smart schools and optimum utilisation of infrastructure to increase the intake of students
  • Wipe out illiteracy and to ensure quality of Opportunity in Educational Institutions
  • Programmes to safeguard the educational interests of the weaker sections of society.

Road and Infrastructure

  • Superior Standard of Infrastructure
  • Implementation of rainwater ingot pits across the constituency to increase underground water level
  • Pedestrians should have equal facilities as for motor vehicles to move around the city, as in the case of any other world-class city. Model footpaths with rain water harvesting pits, drains, pedestrian walkways with plant gardens
  • International standard parks and play grounds
  • Parking is a major problem in Bengaluru, unique Multi-level parking will be planned at all major shopping/office complexes, using innovative space management technology.

Women and youth empowerment programs

  • To promote gender equality and empower women
  • Its objectives are prevention of gender biased sex selective elimination, ensure survival and protection of the girl child and ensure education of girl child
  • Organizing Job or Business Melas for providing suitable job opportunities in private sector to the unemployed youth
  • Implementation of High Standard Infrastructure and technology based equipment’s for sports as a tool for individual development, community development, economic development and national development

Communication & Accessibility

  • Implementation of a “people-friendly system” where the People’s Representative would come and solve the basic infrastructure problems of voters/citizens at your doorsteps.
  • Implementation of digital platform to address the issues of constituency and setting up of dedicated of team to ensure 24/7 availability 
  • A platform where new ideas heard and will be turned into reality – “Common Man Idea”

Law and Order

  • To promote community safety and contribute to the sustainable development of constituency
  • To make my constituency crime-free and to ensure safety and security of the citizens, all the black spots in the constituency will be surveyed and proper lighting system installed. All major intersections, shopping and people gathering spots will be connected with high-tech cameras to keep an eye on all such spots.
  • ” Prevention is the first imperative of criminal justice” for which new initiatives and programs will be introduced
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